Burrata di Andria With Smoked Aubergine


    250 gr burrata
    1 kg aubergine black
    50 gr basil pesto
    200 gr carasau bread
    50 ml mosto cotto

    Serves 4


    Charcoal grill or oven roast the whole aubergines until they are soft, put them in a bowl and cover with cling film or a tight lid and let them cool completely.

    Cut the aubergines in half and scoop all the pulp out. Place this into a sieve or a colander and leave to drain overnight in the fridge. Blend the aubergine adding some marjoram and adjusting with salt.

    Heat the oven to 180°C, drizzle the carasau bread with olive oil and salt and toast it for a couple of minutes.
    Place the Burrata in a serving dish, add the aubergine, season with the basil pesto, drops of mosto cotto and finish with pieces of toasted carasau bread.

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