Battuta di Manzo


    300 gr beef fillet
    Salt, pepper, extra virgin olive oil
    25 gr Lilliput capers
    20 gr fruit Cremona mustard
    100 gr stracciatella
    50 gr roasted hazelnuts
    4 anchovy fillets
    50 ml anchovies sauce (3 cloves of garlic, 200 ml milk, 50 gr of anchovies)

    Serves 4


    For the sauce:

    Cook the garlic with the milk simmer until very soft, add the anchovies and keep cooking until it starts to be creamy. Blend everything to obtain a very smooth sauce.

    For the battuta:

    With a sharp knife, cut the fillet in small dices of about half centimetre, then put into a bowl. Add the capers, the chopped fruit mustard and season with pepper and oil. Adjust with salt if necessary.

    Place the beef in a serving dish, add small pieces of stracciatella and the anchovies sauce. Finish the plate with the anchovy fillets, hazelnuts and some herbs.

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